Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Well I have been tagged... The TAG is, what are 6 QUIRKS about me? I guess I don't think some of the things I do or habits I have are unusual because I have been that way my whole life. It's not till you stop and think about them when you realize you have got quirks, I have so many... 6 should be CAKE!
1. Lets just get this one taken care of first thing. I am so OCD! I'm so concerned about things being put away and clean that it is a complete headache! I heard from one of my sister-in-laws a funny story... After I had moved out her and my brother were staying with my parents. She asked my mom if she could set something somewhere, my mom replied "you can put it anywhere, Kylene doesn't live here anymore." I was always trying to put stuff away and keep things tidy. I am still the same way! Poor Greg... heaven forbid he leaves his socks on the floor!

2. Most of you who know me know I have always had a SWEET TOOTH! After lunch and dinner my meal is not complete until I pop something sweet into my mouth. It does not matter what it is just some type of sugar! I have tried to stop and to cut back but it is so hard, I just love sugar!

3. I simply can not go to sleep without washing my face. My mom got me in the habit of washing my face every night before bed at a pretty young age and I have hung onto it! There have been a couple of times when I have been so tired I thought I would just get in bed and wash it in the morning. IMPOSSIBLE. Really, I just lay there thinking about how I should wash my face so I can sleep better.... So I then get up and wash my face. I really have never missed a single night since I was a teenager. (F.Y.I. for all you girls every night you don't wash your face you age two days instead of one.) So I guess thats a good thing. Thanks mom!

4. I love to drink water! Its always a question on how much water a person should consume in 1 day. Take your body weight... divide it in half... thats how many ounces you should drink every day. I have a water jug that is about exactly what I should drink. I am obsessed with drinking it every day! I carry it with me everywhere I go!

5. Since I was a little girl I have loved having my nails painted. I'm very girly! I can't go without polish on my toenails. I feel so incomplete without polish. It does not matter if it is a really light color or really dark. I'm not picky about it. I just need them to always look pretty!

6. Textures! Where do I even begin with my texture problem? I don't like a lot of fruits because of the different textures. YUCK. I don't like JELLO because of the texture. GROSS. I don't like slimy raw meats. GAG. Too much meat in one bite.. Seriously I have been know to gag and more at many dinner tables! EMBARRASSING. The feel of dry skin not only on myself but others makes me CRINGE. The texture of bare feet on cement..WOW I want to wash my feet immedietly and lather them with lotion. Those are just to name a few.
So in a nut shell I have lots of QUIRKS! But I know all of you do too, So please share! The six people I tag are Lacey (even though you told me not to, sorry!), Stacy Tait, Stacy Jewkes, Katrina, Trista, and Jess!


The Thueson's said...

Hahaha! So many of these things I remember about you! That is so funny.. it brought back fun memories. You always had your nails painted (toenails anyway!) with your Avon polish. I was always jealous about how yours never looked "white trash" ya know.. the occasional chippage!!

Oh and I DEFINATELY wish I was more OCD!!

taitmom said...

Yes, all of them are true! But they make you the great person that you are! Love you

Gentri said...

That was a funny post, I think your quirks are really good ones actually :) I have sort of a face washing problem too, and BJ's kind of OCD (haha) I've heard Grey's Anatomny is awesome, but I've never seen...we're Office fans, have you watched that? The picture of you both at the first of the blog is super cute!!

Brittany said...

Oh Kylene - You surpassed my expectations! These are great! I'm glad we have so many OCD people in our family...when you bunch us all together - we don't seem like such crazies! I can't go to sleep until all the dishes are done and the counter tops are cleaned off at our house!

You are SO good to wash your face...keep it up! After having Gracie I admit I've missed quite a few nights...ahh…bring on the wrinkles! :)

And number six reminded me of a story Jody told me. You two went out to eat at a Mexican Restaurant when he and I were first dating. He says he offered you 5 or 10 bucks if you could finish a GIANT burrito... He says you gave it your best shot but that you were gagging and almost threw up. I guess the texture or just the massiveness of the burrito got the best of you. Jody thought that was SO funny.

Great post. I enjoyed reading all of these!

Joe and Rindi said...

I am totally the same! I am annoyingly OCD to the point that I get really really flustered if I try to leave anywhere with something out of place! I also HATE textured stuff too! Seriously, gross!

The Thueson's said...

What the heck?? Seriously... how do I become OCD about being unorganized? I wonder if you will be the same after you have kids. I have DEFINATELY gotten worse.

Okay.. heartburn?? How in the heck do you know so much about it? The Dr Pepper DEFINATELY didn't help! I thought it might just burn its way out of my throat. It made it worse though. I took 2 zantacs and I just barely took an acidophilus. I didn't even know what that was until about 2 weeks ago when Braun got genital herpes on his mouth.. haha! :) I sure hope it goes away soon. I get it everyday, but todays is much MUCH worse. I think my chocolate cookies give it to me. Shoot.


That was fun to read! It is much better to be a clean freak than messy! Your nails always look perfect!! But so do you....

ABCollie said...

hey girl,, you look so good! and your husband is so cute. you guys are so cute together.

Brady, Emily, Brinklee said...

That is so funny. I love to learn more about you. I know what you mean about the bare feet thing, and the toenail polish!