Thursday, April 17, 2008

Engagement Pictures
Well the pictures have been taken and the envelopes need to be stuffed and addressed! We are getting so close it is less than a month away! Hope you enjoy the little slide show!

Jimmy Eat World!
Greg has been working so hard with school and work I thought he needed a break and something fun to do. I suprised him with tickets to the Jimmy eat world concert. He was so excited! I was able to get good tickets so that always makes a concert fun and exciting when you are so close like that. We had a blast together!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

We finally had a night to go to target and get registered! We had a blast! I was so excited to get started! He was more concerned than I was about what we were picking out though. He was more picky than I thought he would be! As you can tell by the photo he was in deep thought about our choices. There were many moments like this picture!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Find out which princess you are!

You Are Ariel!

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Headstrong and fiesty. You have a mind of your own that's full of romantic dreams about the world around you. Exploring exotic places is your ultimate dream, and although you can be a little naive you'll realize that there is something to be gained from your family's wisdom.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Well I got tagged! It was my first one and it was a pretty big one. I was asked to write a list of 100 things about me... 100 is a lot! So I'm going to cheat a little. I'm going to do 50 for me and 50 for Greg. Here it goes!


1. One of my favorite things to do is go to movies!

2. I also love the previews for the next shows coming up it gets me excited for what I want to see next.

3. I have danced for nearly 18 years!

4. I coached a drill team for one year.

5. I love Greg May!

6. I'm getting married in May!

7. I have an American Eskimo.

8. His name is Cuffy Bear.

9. He is the sweetest dog, and I love him too!

10. I love chocolate!

11.I'm obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance(Can't wait for the new season to start)

12. Oh and the Office!

13. Oh and Grey's Anatomy!

14. I hate hate hate scary movies!

15. I love boating!

16. I love being outside in the sunshine.

17.I throughly enjoy shopping!

18. When I have days off I like to watch Regis and Kelly.

19. Breakfast is my favorite meal.

20. I love all four seasons...By the end of one I'm defianlty ready for the next one! Like right now.. I wish it would get a little warmer and finally feel like spring!

21.I just started wearing glasses.

22.I love suprises!

23. Gerber Daisies are my favorite flower.

24. I grew up with 3 older brothers....

25. Therefore I can be pretty sassy, thats the term Greg uses!

26. I have idolized my brothers my whole life. They have been great examples for me.

27. I wanted sisters so badly while I was growing up. Now I have 3 sister in laws and I love them all so much!

28. Sometimes my Birthday falls on Thanksgiving.

29. I'm deathly afraid of needles!
30. I hate having my blood drawn!

31. I have had stitches once on my thumb... I was washing a glass cup and it broke in my hand!

32. I have only broken one bone in my life and it was my back!

33. I love baking cookies and then eating them!

34. I love anything with peanut butter.

35. I am incredably good at UNO!

36. I love the feeling after I exercise.

37. I like sleeping in flannel sheets year round!

38. I would rather eat vegetables then fruit.

39. I don't think a movie is a movie at the theaters without popcorn! (I get that from my dad!)

40. I think rides are so fun and love spending days in an amusment park!

41. When I was four I fell from a five foot stage during a dance recital.

42. I enjoy looking through old pictures for pass time.

43. I love dressing up in cowgirl attire and going to rodeos or country concerts.

44. I love jewlery... It makes any outfit complete.

45. I have very strong gagging reflexes... VERY STRONG. Smells, textures, even noises will set me off!

46. My family went on lots of vacations growing up some small trips some bigger and they were all so much fun. I love being with my family. I hope I can do the same things with my family.

47. I'm more and more like my mom every day.

48. I really enjoy eating at Nordsroms Cafe...If you have never tried it you definitely should sometime!

49. My favorite color is green.

50. I never thought I would be a blogger... here I am, What a sucker!


1. Greg will share his name with his father in law.

2. He loves playing volleyball.

3. He is only 12 months and 10 days younger than his older brother Brian.

4. He was born with a bottomless pit as a stomach!

5. At the age of 9 he ate a whole loaf of french toast by himself!

6. He enjoys anything outdoors.

7. He loves going on hikes in Zion National park.

8. His favorite band is Jimmy Eat World.

9. He loves downloading the newest tunes from iTunes... His favorite thing to do if he ever has free time!

10. One of his favorite meals is corn beef and cabbage.

11. His best friends name is Hank... NO JOKE!

12. His favorite color is green.

13. His favorite game is Scattergories.

14. He has no pets...

15. He could care less too. (How sad huh?)

16. He would love to go on a vacation to Australia.

17. When he was younger he broke his toe, it is now shorter than normal!

18. He loves to eat really spicy I mean really spicy mexican food.

19. His favorite restaurant is La Puenta

20. He can fall asleep anywhere at anytime!

21. His favorite candy is bit-o-honey.

22. He loves to floss his teeth!

23. He just got his braces off!

24. He only had them for four months... LUCKY!

25. He gave a Book of Mormon to the Governor of West Virginia.

26. He really likes organic food.

27. Not a fan of potatoes!

28. He loves sea food, especially crab legs!

29. He does not like confrontation.

30. He loves snowboarding.

31. He hates posing for serious pictures.

32. He likes taking funny pictures.

33. While rock climbing he fell off a 10 foot cliff and managed to only split open his leg. Lucky guy!

34. He has spoken one on one with Anthony Hopkins.

35. He has also spoken one on one with Bill Cosby.

36. He enjoys accounting.

37. He hates dust on his dashboard in his car.

38. He gets bad allergies.

39. He really enjoys shopping. Lucky for me!

40. He knows how to play the guitar even though he rarely does.

41. Played soccer for 12 years.

42. He loves Irene's orange rolls!

43. He does not like to blog... I make him!

44. He loves dressing up for Halloween!

45. He loves Ninja Turtles!

46. He loves the movie Transformers. Robots in disguise!

47. He has scene New Found Glory 5 times in concert.

48. When he was 3 he fell off a shelf in the garage and split his leg open from mid thigh past his knee.

49. He loves going to movies with me!

50. He loves shoes!

Finally done! I now tag STACY,BRITTANY, and ALLI! Good luck girls!