Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Date Night?

If anyone is up for a date night on Saturday let me know! There is a Haunted Bus Tour in Salt Lake. You get on the bus at the Rio Grande in Salt Lake. They tell ghost stories that have taken place here and I guess you can get off on some spots. Greg and I think it sounds pretty fun. If we get a group of people it is $12 a person as opposed to $18. There is a tour that starts at 8 and one at 10, that is still undecided. So let me know if your in!


Brittany said...

That sounds like the PERFECT date night! If we were living down there - we would hop on that bus with you! (Except Jody gets scared...) :) We miss you guys!

Gentri said...

That sounds like a ton of fun! That's awesome it leaves from Rio Grande, have you guys ever eaten there? It's the BEST mexican, so if you haven't you should eat dinner there for your date night! :) Have FUN!!

The Tait Family said...

Sounds like fun - except for the scary bus ride!! Be brave!! Have fun!