Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rockin Halloween!

Well we had such a fun Halloween this year! We both got off work ran home and got geared up in our costumes. We ate dinner at Greg's parents house with his family. (which was delicious) We then went to my parents house to visit with my family. One of Greg's friends was having a party we stopped by there. We then met up with Nikki and her fiance Chris and went to a party of one of Nikki's friends. Greg and Chris were ROCKSTARS, and Nikki and I were GROUPIES. We had a blast! Greg and Chris were in complete character! Greg wanted to listen to old rock tunes all evening to get in the mood, then he continued to sing the rest of the night! They also posed for a photo shoot for the cover label! How funny were they?! Nikki and I could not stop laughing at our (poser) ROCKSTAR dates the entire night!

Rockin out!

We just could not get enough of our Rock Stars!

This is the cover for their LABLE....

I guess its normal for groupies to not keep their hands to themselves right?!

They were on a roll! They were being so funny and we had a blast. Thanks Nikki and Chris for showing us such a fun night!

Yes... I am a dang good back comber! My hair was huge!