Sunday, December 14, 2008

Catching Up!

It has been a busy couple of weeks! We went to St. George for Thanksgiving with Greg's family. We had a blast eating good food, playing games, and being away from our regular routine. We took a quick day trip to Vegas to do some Christmas shopping and of course we had to test our luck at the slots!

We have been having so much fun enjoying the holidays! Greg's work had a party at the Mariott in Provo. They had a nice dinner for us and gave us 2 pounds of chocolate (which you know we both loved) then we got to spend the night only to wake up early to get me to work and Greg to his volleyball tournament! My work had a party at Club 90... Not so great! I was only there long enough to say Hi and BYE. We have my other work party to attend this weekend and are very excited for that! We will have dinner catered and they rented out a movie theater to see Four Christmas's... any one seen it? I think it looks pretty funny!

We also had our ward Christmas party which was pretty funny as well! Some of you may know Greg and I teach the Sunbeams and we have really come to love those little kids! We have 10 four year olds! We are always exghused when church is over but it is so rewarding! So our little Sunbeams did the Nativity during the program. A few of them fought over holding the star, one was running back and forth on the stage, and another one was yelling, "It's just a cabbage patch doll" refering to the baby Jesus! It was so much fun!

Greg has been busy with volleyball, he plays for the team at the community college. Usually his tournaments are on Saturdays and it is too hard for me to leave work but this week I was able to go watch Friday nights and I left work early to see 2 matches on Saturday.It was so fun to watch and he did such a great job.

Greg is the on the left that smacks it at the end!