Sunday, December 14, 2008

Catching Up!

It has been a busy couple of weeks! We went to St. George for Thanksgiving with Greg's family. We had a blast eating good food, playing games, and being away from our regular routine. We took a quick day trip to Vegas to do some Christmas shopping and of course we had to test our luck at the slots!

We have been having so much fun enjoying the holidays! Greg's work had a party at the Mariott in Provo. They had a nice dinner for us and gave us 2 pounds of chocolate (which you know we both loved) then we got to spend the night only to wake up early to get me to work and Greg to his volleyball tournament! My work had a party at Club 90... Not so great! I was only there long enough to say Hi and BYE. We have my other work party to attend this weekend and are very excited for that! We will have dinner catered and they rented out a movie theater to see Four Christmas's... any one seen it? I think it looks pretty funny!

We also had our ward Christmas party which was pretty funny as well! Some of you may know Greg and I teach the Sunbeams and we have really come to love those little kids! We have 10 four year olds! We are always exghused when church is over but it is so rewarding! So our little Sunbeams did the Nativity during the program. A few of them fought over holding the star, one was running back and forth on the stage, and another one was yelling, "It's just a cabbage patch doll" refering to the baby Jesus! It was so much fun!

Greg has been busy with volleyball, he plays for the team at the community college. Usually his tournaments are on Saturdays and it is too hard for me to leave work but this week I was able to go watch Friday nights and I left work early to see 2 matches on Saturday.It was so fun to watch and he did such a great job.

Greg is the on the left that smacks it at the end!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rockin Halloween!

Well we had such a fun Halloween this year! We both got off work ran home and got geared up in our costumes. We ate dinner at Greg's parents house with his family. (which was delicious) We then went to my parents house to visit with my family. One of Greg's friends was having a party we stopped by there. We then met up with Nikki and her fiance Chris and went to a party of one of Nikki's friends. Greg and Chris were ROCKSTARS, and Nikki and I were GROUPIES. We had a blast! Greg and Chris were in complete character! Greg wanted to listen to old rock tunes all evening to get in the mood, then he continued to sing the rest of the night! They also posed for a photo shoot for the cover label! How funny were they?! Nikki and I could not stop laughing at our (poser) ROCKSTAR dates the entire night!

Rockin out!

We just could not get enough of our Rock Stars!

This is the cover for their LABLE....

I guess its normal for groupies to not keep their hands to themselves right?!

They were on a roll! They were being so funny and we had a blast. Thanks Nikki and Chris for showing us such a fun night!

Yes... I am a dang good back comber! My hair was huge!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday GREG!

Happy Happy Birthday! Well today is Gregs birthday and the poor guy has 4 tests so he has to go to all of his classes and has volleyball practice. So unfortunately he is not able to celebrate today, so we celebrated yesterday! He came home from work and we had a yummy dinner that I fixed we had cake and opened his presents!

I hope he has a wonderful birthday!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Haunted Bus Tour

So like my last post we wanted to go on a haunted bus tour. We went last night and had a very good time. You get on the bus and they drive around Salt Lake and tell you stories that happened years ago and ghosts that still haunt the area. It is not too scary but still fun. If any one have a chance in the next couple of weeks its a fun halloween activity. This is a picture of all or our scary faces and a scary cemetery we stopped at!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Date Night?

If anyone is up for a date night on Saturday let me know! There is a Haunted Bus Tour in Salt Lake. You get on the bus at the Rio Grande in Salt Lake. They tell ghost stories that have taken place here and I guess you can get off on some spots. Greg and I think it sounds pretty fun. If we get a group of people it is $12 a person as opposed to $18. There is a tour that starts at 8 and one at 10, that is still undecided. So let me know if your in!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Well I have been tagged... The TAG is, what are 6 QUIRKS about me? I guess I don't think some of the things I do or habits I have are unusual because I have been that way my whole life. It's not till you stop and think about them when you realize you have got quirks, I have so many... 6 should be CAKE!
1. Lets just get this one taken care of first thing. I am so OCD! I'm so concerned about things being put away and clean that it is a complete headache! I heard from one of my sister-in-laws a funny story... After I had moved out her and my brother were staying with my parents. She asked my mom if she could set something somewhere, my mom replied "you can put it anywhere, Kylene doesn't live here anymore." I was always trying to put stuff away and keep things tidy. I am still the same way! Poor Greg... heaven forbid he leaves his socks on the floor!

2. Most of you who know me know I have always had a SWEET TOOTH! After lunch and dinner my meal is not complete until I pop something sweet into my mouth. It does not matter what it is just some type of sugar! I have tried to stop and to cut back but it is so hard, I just love sugar!

3. I simply can not go to sleep without washing my face. My mom got me in the habit of washing my face every night before bed at a pretty young age and I have hung onto it! There have been a couple of times when I have been so tired I thought I would just get in bed and wash it in the morning. IMPOSSIBLE. Really, I just lay there thinking about how I should wash my face so I can sleep better.... So I then get up and wash my face. I really have never missed a single night since I was a teenager. (F.Y.I. for all you girls every night you don't wash your face you age two days instead of one.) So I guess thats a good thing. Thanks mom!

4. I love to drink water! Its always a question on how much water a person should consume in 1 day. Take your body weight... divide it in half... thats how many ounces you should drink every day. I have a water jug that is about exactly what I should drink. I am obsessed with drinking it every day! I carry it with me everywhere I go!

5. Since I was a little girl I have loved having my nails painted. I'm very girly! I can't go without polish on my toenails. I feel so incomplete without polish. It does not matter if it is a really light color or really dark. I'm not picky about it. I just need them to always look pretty!

6. Textures! Where do I even begin with my texture problem? I don't like a lot of fruits because of the different textures. YUCK. I don't like JELLO because of the texture. GROSS. I don't like slimy raw meats. GAG. Too much meat in one bite.. Seriously I have been know to gag and more at many dinner tables! EMBARRASSING. The feel of dry skin not only on myself but others makes me CRINGE. The texture of bare feet on cement..WOW I want to wash my feet immedietly and lather them with lotion. Those are just to name a few.
So in a nut shell I have lots of QUIRKS! But I know all of you do too, So please share! The six people I tag are Lacey (even though you told me not to, sorry!), Stacy Tait, Stacy Jewkes, Katrina, Trista, and Jess!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Grey's Anatomy!

Is anyone else in LOVE with this show? If so I want to hear your comments about what you think is going to happen on Thursday night. If you see this post after the season premier go ahead and then tell me what you think! I can't wait to see how it starts out. All you fans... ENJOY!
Go ahead and take the quiz on your right and see what character you are!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend!

Well unfortunately the summer is over. We wanted to go camping this weekend but the forecast was not looking good. So last minute we decided to go to Bear Lake with our friends Nick and Jayle. We went on a hike to Minnetonka Caves, 4-wheeler rides, played lots of games, and had a good time!

The most amazing snow cone in the world... I'm telling you the ice is shaved to perfection!

In the cave, it is 888 stairs in and out of the cave. It was a beautiful day about 85 degrees outside but in the cave it is 40 degrees, pretty cool!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Last days of summer!

We have been keeping busy the last month! We have been trying to squeeze everything in before summer was offically over. First thing we did was head to Bear Lake with my whole family! It's hard when you have your family move away to with their own families and you don't get to see them as much. It makes it that much better when you can all get together. So it is tradition to get together for Raspberry Days in Bear Lake every year. We had such a great time boating, playing beach volleyball, floating the river at Lava Hot Springs, lots of good eatin, and talkin! We had so much fun!
The day we left for our Raspberry Days vacation Greg's little brother left for his mission. He left on August 6th. He will learn Manderin Chinese and then head out to Toronto, Canada. He will be a great missionary and we are so excited for the experiences he will have.


The day we left for our Raspberry Days vacation Greg's little brother left for his mission. He left on August 6th. He will learn Manderin Chinese and then head out to Toronto, Canada. He will be a great missionary and we are so excited for the experiences he will have.

Greg and some of his friends got together to go camping in skull valley. Greg took his little brother Kevin and they had so much fun!

Jeff and Lacey invited us to go on a hike with them the other night. We went up to Cecret Lake. It was a really nice night and the hike was fun. After the hike we roasted some smores. We had a blast!

Last but not least... Last weekend we met up with a couple of Gregs friends at Ruth Lake in the Uintas! We headed up after work on Friday evening. We had to hike about a mile into the camp site. We didn't want to carry our tent in so Greg made a tent out of a tarp because I was scared of bears! We were only able to stay one night so we stayed up almost all night sitting around the fire. We have been so lucky to have such a fun summer! We want to go camping one more time this weekend for Labor day... Anyone is welcome!

Monday, July 28, 2008

24th of July Weekend!

We had some fun shooting the shot guns and we both did very well too. Poor little Cuffys paws got hot on the hike so I had to carry him for a while. Don't forget to give it up for my cute little G MA! Hope I have the energy she does when I am 82!

Well we had a really good weekend! We left on Thursday morning and headed South. We stopped at Otter Creek with my dad and went fishing. We didn't have luck catching anything but we sure had a good time. We then got back on the road and arrived in Escalante. We enjoyed some family time did some more fishing there and went on a hike to Calf Creed Falls. Hope you all had a Happy 24th of July!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Greg's things that must go #2!

1. Kid Rock- When you have dated Pam Anderson, wear a fur coat over a wife beater and try to cover "Sweet Home Alabama" you've gone too far!

2. Leaving the sticker on the brim of your new hat. Are you serious? I'm sure whatever rapper started this trend is laughing at all the retards who followed.

3. Insurance deductibles- Premiums? Understandable. Have you heard any talk of insurance institutions in financial trouble during the recession? Its cause their living large.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Greg's Things That Must Go!

1. City Boys With Big Trucks - I'm talking lifts and mud tires. Lets be honest... they're preposterous. Big trucks serve no purpose. When was the last time you encountered a dirt road on your way to the office.. class.. or the gym? Some insight anyone?

2. Gangsters- No explanation necessary.

3. Benji Schwimmer From "So You Think You Can Dance" -

.... Enough said.

Wedding Pictures

Monday, July 14, 2008

Family Time

I have not updated for a little while because we have been working extra during the week so we can take long weekends off and play. For the 4th of July we went to my parents cabin in Bear Lake for a few days. Jeff and Lacey also went with their cute dog Griz and my parents went up and took my dog. We had a blast! Last week we went to Lava Hot Springs with Gregs family. We left really late on Wednesday night and arrived at our camp site at 1:30 a.m. Good thing Greg is a handy man. {I was such help standing there holding the flash light for them!} We floated the river the next day and played at the pool. It was such a cute town and lots to do there! We will with out a doubt be going back there we had so much fun. We packed up camp and drove back to Bear Lake which was very close for another day of good boating. We have had a couple of very fun weeks! So the slide is a conjunction of both trips, ENJOY!

Cowboy Up!

Lehi Round-Up Rodeo! What a good time this rodeo is, If any of you have never been you should defianly go next year, its usually the last weekend of June. We had such a great time enjoying each other and the fabalouls entertainment!