Monday, July 28, 2008

24th of July Weekend!

We had some fun shooting the shot guns and we both did very well too. Poor little Cuffys paws got hot on the hike so I had to carry him for a while. Don't forget to give it up for my cute little G MA! Hope I have the energy she does when I am 82!

Well we had a really good weekend! We left on Thursday morning and headed South. We stopped at Otter Creek with my dad and went fishing. We didn't have luck catching anything but we sure had a good time. We then got back on the road and arrived in Escalante. We enjoyed some family time did some more fishing there and went on a hike to Calf Creed Falls. Hope you all had a Happy 24th of July!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Greg's things that must go #2!

1. Kid Rock- When you have dated Pam Anderson, wear a fur coat over a wife beater and try to cover "Sweet Home Alabama" you've gone too far!

2. Leaving the sticker on the brim of your new hat. Are you serious? I'm sure whatever rapper started this trend is laughing at all the retards who followed.

3. Insurance deductibles- Premiums? Understandable. Have you heard any talk of insurance institutions in financial trouble during the recession? Its cause their living large.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Greg's Things That Must Go!

1. City Boys With Big Trucks - I'm talking lifts and mud tires. Lets be honest... they're preposterous. Big trucks serve no purpose. When was the last time you encountered a dirt road on your way to the office.. class.. or the gym? Some insight anyone?

2. Gangsters- No explanation necessary.

3. Benji Schwimmer From "So You Think You Can Dance" -

.... Enough said.

Wedding Pictures

Monday, July 14, 2008

Family Time

I have not updated for a little while because we have been working extra during the week so we can take long weekends off and play. For the 4th of July we went to my parents cabin in Bear Lake for a few days. Jeff and Lacey also went with their cute dog Griz and my parents went up and took my dog. We had a blast! Last week we went to Lava Hot Springs with Gregs family. We left really late on Wednesday night and arrived at our camp site at 1:30 a.m. Good thing Greg is a handy man. {I was such help standing there holding the flash light for them!} We floated the river the next day and played at the pool. It was such a cute town and lots to do there! We will with out a doubt be going back there we had so much fun. We packed up camp and drove back to Bear Lake which was very close for another day of good boating. We have had a couple of very fun weeks! So the slide is a conjunction of both trips, ENJOY!

Cowboy Up!

Lehi Round-Up Rodeo! What a good time this rodeo is, If any of you have never been you should defianly go next year, its usually the last weekend of June. We had such a great time enjoying each other and the fabalouls entertainment!