Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's been FOREVER!

Well I am finally getting around to updating my blog... be prepared for the longest blog ever!
We have been really busy the past 7 months!
Greg has finished another semester of school at Salt Lake Community College. He has been thinking instead of doing accounting he might go with graphic design. He will take a couple different classes this semester and see if he is seriously interested in it. I think he would be great at it, he is very talented. I wish I had the artistic ability and creativity he has! This past summer he did landscaping for ACE Landscaping. Some of you may have seen him working the project at 106th south on and off ramps. He spent his whole summer there, poor guy! It was a hard work but a great job. Hopefully he can do it again this summer. He is currently a substitute teacher for Jordan School District since school started. It has been perfect for his schedule and it is a really fun job! He does anything from kindergarten to 12th grade. I love hearing the stories!
I have made a couple of changes the past couple months as well. I made the move to Elase Medical Spas right before our one year anniversary. It was sad leaving Salon Dante' after 2 and a 1/2 years but it was a good switch! I worked doing esthetices for 6 months there and then I was promoted to spa director. It is different than anything I have done before but I love it! I do all of the training, purchasing, and hiring. I am in charge of all the the inventory, ordering, and dealing with all of the reps and laser companies. It keeps me very busy and I love it!
I can't believe how the time flies by! We have been having so much fun in everything we are involved it. We recently took a trip to Bear Lake with some of Greg's friends from high school. He is still so close to all of his friends he grew up with. I think it is so great! It is nice all of us get along and love hanging out, we absolutely have a blast together! Here are some pictures of our New Years celebration!

We ate and played lots of games over the weekend! We enjoyed the snow, went sledding in Logan canyon, hiked the entire mountain (In one of the pictures you can see how far we are from the tiny white truck on the road), told lots of stories and talked a lot! I love spending time with these guys!
The latest and most exciting thing that came into our lives was a... PUPPY! We were on our way to church one morning when this little ray of sunshine was sitting on the drive way waiting for us to take her in! Greg was not very happy about this at first, me being the dog lover that I am told him it was destiny! We tried to find the owners but no such luck... for Greg at least! It did not take her long to melt his heart, we both love her so much!

Christmas was great!
We started out the season with a fabulous sweater party! Greg worked really hard on that mustache but feel free to tease him as much as you would like!

Elle loves puppy, she had to show her new shirt to her fist thing!

Santa at the Tait house! YES... Greg still had the mustache!

Beautiful baby Nahla!
That's going to wrap it up for me! I'm not going to even attempt summer and fall... Just know it was good!


Teandra said...

Welcome back to the blogging world! It's great to hear from you.

Kerstin & Jed said...

Ky! I am so glad you updated and that I found your blog! I made my blog private, so if you want an invite, email me at You are as gorgeous as ever!

Jessie said...

I like your brown hair. I miss bunko with you and am offended I didn't get invited to your new league. Kiddin! I'm glad your Holidays were good!

Ken and Jos said...

Yay, you decided to blog again :) Teasing... you got some way better pictures of the weekend then me. We'll have to share. It was so much fun I'm still exhausted.

Lauren said...

oh good!! i check yours all the tine waiting for you to update!:) ha ha gregs stach fits him well!!! ha ha

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Welcome back!!! I am so excited you are blogging again. You my friend are still gorgeous as ever. Please teach me your secrets! =) Hey are you still interested in some flowers? I am putting in an order this week. Let me know!

(or go to the link from my blog)

Stacey said...

You're alive! You two are such cuties, and your puppy is adorable! Sounds like your new job is amazing!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

Yay! You updated! Sounds like you two have definitely been busy. The new job sounds great. Love the brown hair too! Be sure to keep us all updated on your fun life :)

Frampton Family said...

You Blogged!!! I knew we talked about it, but you were the only one to follow through. I will see what I can do with mine. I love all the new pics you put up. And I especially LOVE the ugly sweater party pics.

Brady & Ashley said...

Super cute puppy! I'm jealous!

melissa-brad said...

when i got your comment, i was praying that by some chance you updated! WOOOHOOOOO!!! fantastic surprise!! looks like things have been just a blast for you guys!

and kylene, i work right next door to a laser and skin treatment center and the girls over there are always trying to get me to get botox, but i promise the thought makes me cringe, because i'm sure i'll like it so much then have to get it every 4 months for the rest of my life!
but i want to get rid of these lines thare are now stretching back to my ears, ha.

The Staples Fam said...

Wow an update! Yahoo! ;) Life gets busy that is for sure. Jeff and Lacy told us you got a new job at Elase? Congrats! See you soon.. (prob at chuch) he he he

Joe and Rindi said...

I'm way bad at blogging myself! Ha ha I love those ugly sweater parties! Seriously! Ha ha

Brady & Ashley said...

Thank you for the puppy tips! I've heard that's the best way to train them, but I haven't dared leave him home in his kennel all day yet! He's so needy & hates being left alone! Plus, he's had diarrhea, which I'm sure he can't really "hold". Did yours ever go potty in it's kennel at first? They say they usually don't, but mine did! So I never dare put him in there!